Get to know the team – Josh Matthews

In the second edition of our ‘Get to know the team’ series, meet Josh Matthews, Architectural Technician here at JG Architecture.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Concept to completion. Helping to deliver a client brief to the best of our abilities.

What is your favourite building or structure in the world?
Sydney Opera House

Favourite city you have visited?

What is your dream holiday?
Australia and New Zealand

Where is your favourite place to eat in Guernsey?
Red Steakhouse

Herm or Sark?

What are you currently enjoying in your spare time?
Cycling out on the road as summer approaches

Are you watching any TV series at the moment?
Peaky Blinders

What would be your dream car?
McLaren F1

Three things you would change in Guernsey?
1. Encourage greater use of public transport and commuting to work by cycle/walking
2. Communal spaces in central St. Peter Port for all to enjoy e.g. green land for parks/playgrounds
3. Help to increase public awareness of planning policies to ensure a better understanding of this process and what may/may not be possible or what is likely to be proposed in the future

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