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The Environmental Protection Agency suggests the average person spends 93% of their lives indoors. A shocking statistic you may think?

If you include the average of 25 years of our life we spend asleep, it makes a little more sense. Although it may feel like we are always at work, we spend a huge amount of our time at home, so our living environment plays a massive part in our overall well-being.

Neglecting how your home environment could be affecting how you feel mentally and physically. With some planning and careful thought, there are plenty of ways your home can become a well-being-boosting haven.

At JGA, we consider the practicalities through our design process but we also like to understand how our clients want to live so we can attempt to improve their living environment.

Here are three key considerations that could improve your living environment and boost your well-being:

1. Ensure good amounts of natural light

Natural light is massively important for our well-being. Regular access to natural light can provide us with enough Vitamin D to regulate our calcium levels, boost our energy, improve our mood and physical performance.

2. The art of interior arrangement

There is evidence to suggest that the style and layout of our home interiors can make us feel great if carefully thought out and organised. Trends such as the Danish ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah), the Chinese ‘Feng Shui’, or the Swedish ‘Lagom’ (Lar-gohm) are principle that deal with cosiness, harmony, and balance, and could be a great way to style your home, and make you feel fantastic. We all know a good mood is key to good health!

3. Craft a pleasant aesthetic

Put simply, if you love the way your home looks, you will naturally feel better when you spend time there. How you feel mentally and how this connects with the physical elements is a key consideration. Introducing artwork, furniture, appliances and even wallpaper/paint designs. Your home could be a canvas to express your personality and make you feel more ‘at home’ in your living environment.

JGA can help you improve your living space and well-being.
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