Make your planning application a success

The entire planning process can be arduous and may seem like you are stepping into the unknown. Here at JG Architecture we can simplify the process and guide you towards a successful planning application.

Not every project requires a pre-application discussion with the Development & Planning Authority, however, there are certain projects that need a particular approach, so we advise accordingly and lead you along the correct path to gaining permission first time.

Understanding the policies and requirements of the new Island Development Plan at an early stage will save both time and money, eradicating unnecessary stress.

Following the initial (free of charge) client consultation, clear sketches can be created to illustrate the project proposals in order to gain planning feedback. This not only opens up communication for your project, but also confirms vital feedback to progress the project and could save future revisions.

Benefits of working with JG Architecture from the start:

  • Initial consultations with JG Architecture are free of charge.
  • Hone ideas – listening and understanding a client’s vision to then advise on scope and limitations.
  • Understanding of the planning policies.
  • Presentation of initial sketch proposals for planning feedback.
  • Simplicity and success.

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